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Are you struggling to find time to get your carpets cleaned but still want them to look brand new?

Try our dry carpet cleaning method

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  • Waterless Application: Dry carpet cleaning relies on a unique chemical application, resembling a mulch, with a machine that agitates and brushes it into the carpet for effective dirt removal.

  • Versatility in High-Traffic Areas: Particularly advantageous for constant traffic areas like airports and 24/7 operations where traditional wet methods pose safety risks.

  • Safety and Accessibility: Unlike hot water extraction, the dry method eliminates the risk of wet floors, allowing continuous use without the danger of slips. Cleaning can happen while people walk on it, avoiding the need to close areas for maintenance.

  • Main Benefit - Minimal Downtime: The primary advantage lies in its suitability for 24/7 operations or scenarios with little downtime. Achieving comparable results to traditional methods without disrupting daily operations makes it a valuable choice for efficient carpet cleaning.

Why us?

We can service your entire facility: daytime custodial, nightly janitorial, carpet cleaning and tile floor refinishing, restroom cleaning and sanitizing, total room disinfecting, power washing, post-construction “final cleans,” and more…


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