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Imperial Service Systems team in the lobby of the corporate headquarters

Why Imperial's Janitorial Services and commercial cleaning?

Since 1973, Imperial Service Systems, Inc. has focused on two aspects of capturing and keeping commercial cleaning accounts: accountability and communication. The key components of this formula are checks and balances—people watching people. This approach delivers consistent, high-quality cleaning that is easily adapted to specific needs.
No matter your company type, we can transform your workspace in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Our professional cleaning teams provide a comprehensive range of services.

What is included in a Janitorial Service?

As a janitorial service company, our primary responsibility is to ensure that our customers' workplace is sanitary and tidy. This can include tasks like Spot washing, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, scrubbing, garbage collection, etc.

The extent of our cleaning is determined by our customers' specifications, that is, what is to be cleaned and the frequency of the cleaning.

For example, a carpeted floor can be vacuumed daily, dirty spots can be damped and wiped with cleaner as needed, and deep cleaning hot water extraction can be done monthly. The specifications will depend on the traffic flow of your building and your desired outcomes; for the more demanding spaces, we offer “Deluxe Janitorial Services” that ensure that your environment is impeccably clean and a notch above the norm.

Here is a great resource to benchmark your company on Cleaning frequencies for 16 tasks.

Who provides the Janitorial supplies?

This is a matter of choice and customer specifications, but in general, we, as a janitorial company, provide the supplies needed to keep your facility clean. This can include things like floor cleaners and restroom supplies. Some customers would provide specific products.

Janitorial Services and Commercial Cleaning

Some common areas to be cleaned and detailed in our specifications:


Lobby & Entrances

General Offices & Conference Rooms




Locker Rooms

Stairwells & Elevators


Dock Area



What is the difference between a Custodian and a Janitor:

Commercial Cleaning, window washing

A janitor is someone who cleans floors, wipes desks, empties trash cans, etc. A custodian needs to perform some building maintenance or other activities related to the business where they operate. For example, a school custodian would be tasked with “Cleaning up” after students due to illness. Or perform routine meeting setups for a congregation.  

A custodian can perform the responsibilities of a janitor, but in turn, a custodian has more responsibilities related to building maintenance and the exterior of the building. It is also common for a custodian to be on-premise during business hours, and a janitorial crew might have the cleaning done after regular business hours.

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Do you need more Commercial Cleaning Services?

We have a full suite of cleaning services, like deep cleaning, room disinfection, move-out cleaning, floor strip and waxing, carpet cleaning and more. 

Talk to one of our experts to learn more and have a no obligation quote. 


Imperial Commercial Cleaning Services is for your business, clinic, church, restaurant, and more. 

When we work for you, we do it to your specifications and train our team in your specific facility. You will be worry-free with day-to-day cleaning activities as our quality control team will ensure that the cleaning will cover your needs and our commitment. 

We can also service: 

  • Day porter. 

  • Carpet cleaning. 

  • Floor Care. 

  • Deep cleaning. 

  • Room disinfection.

  • Pressure washing. 

  • Post-construction cleaning. 

  • Delux cleaning packages.

  • And more. 

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