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- Preserving the legacy -

Imperial Service Systems Incorporated was founded by Dominic DelSignore, a native of Youngstown, Ohio. After working in the janitorial industry for several years, Dominic relocated to the Chicago area. With a desire to pursue the American dream and support his family, he started his own business, which eventually became Imperial Service Systems Incorporated.

Over the next decade, Dominic successfully built a small janitorial service and decided to expand by opening a branch office in Youngstown. In 1983, Vito Cavallo joined the company to oversee business development. Vito married Colleen, Dominic's daughter, who worked as the Director of Quality Control. With their combined efforts, the company experienced remarkable growth, expanding by over 1,400% in the next 15 years.

Dominic retired, and Vito became President with Colleen at his side as Vice President. They eventually purchased the company, keeping it in the family and Colleen is now managing the Post Construction Division.


We went through the obstacles of various economies and with the help of many loyal long-term clients in our well-established workforce. Imperial has grown to be one of the area's most substantial contractors. Servicing the entire Chicagoland area, into Wisconsin, Indiana, and NE Ohio into Pennsylvania. Imperial provides attentive expertise, quick response, and follow-up.

Our system is time tested and proven effective

Preserving Dominic's legacy is a responsibility we don't take lightly. We work at it every day.

Colleen and Vito Cavallo

Vito & Colleen

President and Vice-President

Dominic DelSignore founder of Imperial Service Systems Inc.

1934 - 2021

Imperial service systems founder

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