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A "Mini Niagara Falls" could have cost this company over $5,000 daily.

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

On a special Easter day, something unexpected happened while I was preparing for a family dinner. I got a call saying there was a big problem at a building: water was pouring out of the sprinkler system, making a huge mess.

The ceiling had broken, and water was everywhere, pouring down the stairs like a mini Niagara Falls. It was an absolute disaster.

Because it was Easter, it was hard to reach anyone for help. Even the maintenance people didn't answer their phones.

But luckily, I had a way into the building, so I went there. We had to call the fire department because the water was coming from the sprinkler system, which is a big deal.

The firefighters came quickly, turned off the water, and said we had to clean up. But the water didn't stop, even though they said it would slow down, so after 15 minutes of a continued waterfall, the firefighters came back and shut down the correct valve; finally, we could start working.

The entire janitorial crew worked hard to clean up all the mess. We used extractors to suck up all the water and clean the floors.

When everyone returned to work, they had no idea anything had happened. But when we showed them pictures, they were shocked and thankful that we fixed everything.

Imperial Service Systems put its action plan to run and made it possible for this company to return to work on Monday as if nothing had happened, saving the company thousands of dollars.

Be prepared! Contact us for a free evaluation of your building.

Prompt and Reliable.

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