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What is strip and waxing?

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Striping and waxing is the process of removing wax from the floor, and you're removing this using a low RPM machine. So it's usually 175 rotations per minute machine with the most aggressive pad. So, the black pad is the most aggressive. The darker colors, in general, are more aggressive. So it's white, red, blue, green, brown and black. Similar to how sandpaper works. For the stripping process, you would like to remove all the wax from the surface. So, we are using the most aggressive pad with this Rotary 175 RPM machine.

The first step is to dilute the stripper according to the product directions. With water you're putting down, you let it sit for a few minutes.

  1. Apply the liquid solution on the floor.

  2. Wait a few minutes until the solution reacts with the wax.

  3. With the most aggressive pad, remove that wax.

  4. The next step is picking up the residue with a wet vacuum.

  5. The stripper is an aggressive chemical; you need to neutralize it with a neutral cleaner to become a neutral surface.

  6. Wait until it is dry.

  7. Apply one coat of wax.

  8. Wait until it is dry.

  9. Apply the next coat of wax.

Three coats are usually sufficient, but we can put up to five coats if you want more protection.

The reason for the wax to be on the floor is to protect the tile from scratching.

Suppose you have an environment where you know that the floor will receive more damage, for example, heavy equipment or traffic. In that case, that is when you need to apply more layers of wax.

When should you apply more floor wax layers?

It depends on the traffic. Suppose you compare the area inside a building, like a school. If you're going to put some wax in the classrooms and you're going to put some on the hallways. You should put more in the hallways and in the cafeteria because more people are going through those areas.

On the other hand, there are different types of waxes. So I would put more scratch-resistant wax in the classrooms because of the chairs of the tables that you have, and it's constantly moving.

You can put different types of wax in the hallway when you don't have any furniture or barely furniture. Hallways are usually wide open so that people can move freely. Still, in the classrooms, at the same time, you have desks and tables that you know can scratch the floor.

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